Secret Menu for Dogs

For the secret menu-obsessed, few national chains offer as many choices as Starbucks. There's the secret purple drink, the older news secret pink drink, and even a secret sneaky lid function. As far as customization goes, Starbucks pretty much rules the lot with a whopping reported 17,000 ways you can customize your drink—and that's just for humans.

Starbucks has quietly been serving up a whole other secret menu just for dogs. So far, it consists of one item, a top-seller and crowd favorite: the Puppuccino. It is as adorable as it sounds, too. The drink comes in a dog-appropriate size—an espresso cup—and consists solely of whipped cream.

Up until now, the Puppuccino has mainly the Kitsap Humane Society thank for its popularity. The Silverdale, Washington, organization has been nearly single-handedly creating the demand, with volunteer Molly Clark making frequent runs with some very lucky (and aww-worthy) dogs to her local Starbucks, as Refinery 29 reports.

Now that the, er, cat is out of the bag, maybe Starbucks will bulk up its pet-friendly secret menu to include feline friends!

It seems like every week Starbucks is introducing a new limited-edition drink, but the Internet has never freaked out quite like they are over the secret menu's newest addition—and we have a sneaking suspicion as to why. The so-called "Pink Drink" is perhaps the most glamorous drink Starbucks has ever created, and we mean literally. (It certainly looks like Glamour pink to, ahem, us.)

The "Pink Drink" is a new take on the Strawberry Acai Refresher. Rather than being mixed with water, coconut milk is stirred into the mix, and it's topped with real strawberries or blackberries. And of course, aside from looking beautiful and tasting delicious, it will also give you your caffeine boost from the green coffee extract. Is this drink is the whole package or what?

Coffee Goals! The best part? You can continue to sip on the pink drink until your heart desires, because it's not going anywhere.

Your pet guinea pig may be a total ham, but you can turn him into a Pilgrim turkey this Halloween thanks to PetSmart's new line of Halloween costumes, accessories, and services for all your furry friends. Released this week, the megastore's line includes costumes inspired by the trending Marvel Universe superheroes, Disney's Frozen, and holiday classics from pumpkins—and pumpkin spice lattes!—candy corn, and creepy crawlers.

Your dog can go back to the dark ages in the store's dinosaur costume, with tie-dye-like hues and bright orange horns, or have him invite a cat—a costume one, of course—along for the evening with the store's black cat rider costume. You can also give your feline a taste of what it's like to be seen as prey by dressing her up in the store's mouse cat costume.

But more than its costumes, we're obsessed with a special service PetSmart offers: Pet Expressions, a "temporary, non-toxic, pet-safe chalking, stenciling and feathering service," according to a store press release, that's available in all it's grooming salon locations. So rather than dress your disgruntled dog in a costume from which he'll do his best to wiggle free, you can send him out on Halloween in style with a stencil of a pumpkin, ghost, leaf, or turkey, or add glow-in-the-dark feathers in his fur. Amazing.

Have you ever looked at your pet—bathing in a swath of sunlight, content with nothing more than a game of fetch or a cardboard box to make his home—and thought, He's got the life? Well, yet again, your furry friend has got it good: Petco today announced a new line of Halloween costumes so cute you'll wish they came in your size.

New to the store's impressive lineup of outfits, bows, hats, and toys are devil capes, superhero-themed attire, and pumpkin hats. But we're partial to the "Kitty Up Cowboy" costume that lets a mouse ride your cat as if he were a horse, and a new tortilla and lettuce ensemble that turns your dog into a inedible but adorable taco! For Star Wars fans, dressing your dog in a new Ewok costume might make you feel as if you're on a movie set—or a galaxy far, far away.