Rescue Dogs

Scrolling through photos of cute dogs on the Internet is a pastime as old as, um, the Internet. But the 50 pictures below are more than puppy dog eyes and waggy tails. (Though there are plenty of those.) Each of the dogs here—one Petfinder pooch from every state—is currently living in a shelter or foster care, and they're all looking for loving homes. Have a little room in your apartment and your heart? There's no better way to fend off chilly fall gusts than with a shelter dog on your lap.

Each listing has a few basic stats (name, size, age, sex), a quote from the pup's "bio," a link to his or her Petfinder page, and a link to the shelter, so you can find more four-legged friends in need after these fellas get scooped up—and we're guessing they will quickly. Obviously you need to get more info to decide if one of these is the right dog for you—but consider this list a furry little push to get your search started.

Your pet guinea pig may be a total ham, but you can turn him into a Pilgrim turkey this Halloween thanks to PetSmart's new line of Halloween costumes, accessories, and services for all your furry friends. Released this week, the megastore's line includes costumes inspired by the trending Marvel Universe superheroes, Disney's Frozen, and holiday classics from pumpkins—and pumpkin spice lattes!—candy corn, and creepy crawlers.

Your dog can go back to the dark ages in the store's dinosaur costume, with tie-dye-like hues and bright orange horns, or have him invite a cat—a costume one, of course—along for the evening with the store's black cat rider costume. You can also give your feline a taste of what it's like to be seen as prey by dressing her up in the store's mouse cat costume.

But more than its costumes, we're obsessed with a special service PetSmart offers: Pet Expressions, a "temporary, non-toxic, pet-safe chalking, stenciling and feathering service," according to a store press release, that's available in all it's grooming salon locations. So rather than dress your disgruntled dog in a costume from which he'll do his best to wiggle free, you can send him out on Halloween in style with a stencil of a pumpkin, ghost, leaf, or turkey, or add glow-in-the-dark feathers in his fur. Amazing.

Make room for Milo. And Fido and Patches and Spot. Reddit user Robdogbird and his wife needed a bed big enough to accommodate their menagerie of four-legged family members—including two dogs and five cats—so they built one.

The couple constructed their "mega bed" by building a platform big enough to fit a king mattress and a full mattress side by side. It looks a lot more desirable than side-by-side mattresses on the floor, and it offers built-in storage underneath—kind of a necessity when your bed takes up what looks like half the room.

Robdogbird says the seam between the mattresses is noticeable "but not nearly what you would think." For sheets, they use a fitted sheet on each mattress, and two full comforters "cover both mattresses perfectly." (Remember: They don't need the overhang, so a king plus a full would be too long.) Click here to see the whole family enjoying the space. (Except for the shifty cat on the right. He's definitely up to something.)

The Mr. Mo Project is a nonprofit that aims to keep senior dogs out of shelters by finding them forever homes. Founders Chris and Mariesa Hughes heard about Vicky and thought she'd be the perfect candidate. So they surprised her with Macy, a senior bulldog. According to the company, "Vicky and Macy connected instantly, and before Vicky knew it, her life began to change. She found herself living life again, laughing, gardening, and rediscovering the parts of her day that made her truly happy, all with her new companion by her side."