Puppies Screeching Halt

Here at Glamour HQ, we have our fair share of interesting guests. A celeb or two has been known to make an appearance in the office for an interview. Models can be seen strutting their stuff down the halls on a daily basis. But no one could predict that the office visitors who would cause the biggest stir on the 30th floor of One World Trade Center would be also be the tiniest: a trio of adorable puppies.

Check out the video below for a peek at what happened (or didn't happen, i.e., work) when the little fur balls took over Glamour for a day:

The pooches, who were born on Thanksgiving, are aptly named Tater (the blond one), Cranberry (the black one), and Pumpkin (the brown one), and they wasted no time in making Glamour their home away from home. And since our staffers were a little, uh, distracted, we must admit that the magazine- and website-making magic was put on hold for a moment or two. Honestly, though, totally worth it.

The furry visitors stopped by as part of Uber's Puppy Bowl campaign. (Uber delivered up-for-adoption on-demand puppies (and the snuggles that came with them) for $30, which went to an animal rescue organization.) If you're interested in taking one of these pups home, you're in luck! They're all up for adoption at Bideawee in New York. Not a New Yorker? Consider adopting a pet from your local animal shelter.

Exciting news for rock 'n' roll pet owners: Petco just announced that Gwen Stefani designed a Harajuku Lovers line—for pets! Yes, your animals can now play with a design-driven assortment of dog toys while they're dressed in chic accessories and rock-star-approved apparel. What could be cuter?

This limited-edition pet collection features more than 30 products ranging from $5 to $20, and for those pet parents who want to go all out, you better believe there's a way. Petco's grooming salons will offer dogs a Harajuku Lovers spa package featuring custom shampoo and conditioner, fashion "pawlish" and accessories from the collection.

Make room for Milo. And Fido and Patches and Spot. Reddit user Robdogbird and his wife needed a bed big enough to accommodate their menagerie of four-legged family members—including two dogs and five cats—so they built one.

The couple constructed their "mega bed" by building a platform big enough to fit a king mattress and a full mattress side by side. It looks a lot more desirable than side-by-side mattresses on the floor, and it offers built-in storage underneath—kind of a necessity when your bed takes up what looks like half the room.

Robdogbird says the seam between the mattresses is noticeable "but not nearly what you would think." For sheets, they use a fitted sheet on each mattress, and two full comforters "cover both mattresses perfectly." (Remember: They don't need the overhang, so a king plus a full would be too long.) Click here to see the whole family enjoying the space. (Except for the shifty cat on the right. He's definitely up to something.)

Have you ever looked at your pet—bathing in a swath of sunlight, content with nothing more than a game of fetch or a cardboard box to make his home—and thought, He's got the life? Well, yet again, your furry friend has got it good: Petco today announced a new line of Halloween costumes so cute you'll wish they came in your size.

New to the store's impressive lineup of outfits, bows, hats, and toys are devil capes, superhero-themed attire, and pumpkin hats. But we're partial to the "Kitty Up Cowboy" costume that lets a mouse ride your cat as if he were a horse, and a new tortilla and lettuce ensemble that turns your dog into a inedible but adorable taco! For Star Wars fans, dressing your dog in a new Ewok costume might make you feel as if you're on a movie set—or a galaxy far, far away.

Petco, in a press release, said more than 50 percent of its customers who responded to a recent survey have pets who will participate in this year's Halloween celebration. That's up by 11 percent from past surveys, the release said.