Who Prove That It’s a Good Thing

T.Swift’s Scottish Fold cats, Meredith and Olivia Benson, are almost as famous on the Internet as she is; you can pretty much bet she’ll be posting pics of them today. The singer once noted after a night at the Grammys that “men get her in trouble”—and so, “I go home to the cats.” All hail the Queen of Cat Ladies.

The cats in Miley’s life: KiKi and baby sister LiLo, Harlem, and Shanti Om Bb. She also has 10 dogs and a pig in her menagerie.

Amanda joined the cat-lady ranks with Diane and Fran the elder, whom she has described as “like 75 years old and has one eye.” She is a supporter of the Best Friends Animal Society, and her Instagram feed is filled with photos of animals. But this cat lady’s got a dark side: Surrealist artist Mark Ryden earlier this year painted (at her request) what she called a “morbid and fun” caricature of her holding a dead cat, with blood trickling down her throat. OK, then.

A PETA supporter, Kesha once told E! that she wants to start a “cat cult.” While we’re not sure if she’s still dedicated to that cause, she’s a fangirl of adopted cats Mr. Peep$ and Mr. Fluffy Pants and contributed to the book A Letter to My Cat.

Lea said that she found her tortie, Sheila, on the Paramount lot in 2012; the cat’s brother is with Glee costar Heather Morris. How adorable, no?

A lot of celebrities express their undying affection for their cats in interviews. Jenna took it one step further and posed with her cat, Andy, on the cover of Natural Cat magazine.

In between running a multimillion-dollar empire, Martha tends to a menagerie of dogs, birds, horses, and her prized kitties—including seven-year-old calico Persians Princess Peony, shown here (a.k.a. Grumpy Cat's long-lost sibling), and Empress Tang, who's fond of curling up in bowls. It's the simple things.

During her divorce from Ryan Adams, Mandy requested pet support for the six cats and two dogs the couple shared. She has worked with Purina Cat Chow to raise money for cat shelters and even voiced a feline on Disney Jr.’s Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

Just how close is Kristen with her Bengal, Max (a.k.a. Jella-Man)? In the spirit of life imitating fiction, she has summed up their bond this way: “We have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella-Edward relationship.”

A sad kitty story with a happy ending: Gigi brought Cleo home after the cat was "found in a car engine."

This tribute wouldn’t be complete without Katy Perry, a woman crazed about all things cat. Her own, Kitty Purry, is an inspiration for the singer’s Katy Kat makeup line—she named a lipstick after her. Katy got her other cat when she was with Russell Brand. Some women cut their hair postdivorce; Katy changed her cat’s name from Krusty to Monkey.