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There's approximately a 99.98 percent chance that you're an Amazon shopper—it's where most of us go for basic supplies and random items that feel impossible to find until, ahh, there it is. The mega retailer has become so much a part of our lives that it almost feels impossible to discover something new, but, lo and behold, we did it today. A bit of random surfing and clicking this morning landed us on the Dogs of Amazon page, a virtual pinup board featuring dogs that belong to employees and might be roaming the company's halls right this very second. Could you even handle all that adorableness?

The pet-friendly policy was inspired by Rufus the Corgi who was so beloved that a building on the company's campus shares his name. Now, more than 2,000 dogs have been registered by employees who want to bring their four-legged friends to work. On any given day, approximately 30 percent of the pups are actually around—that means workers can get face licks from 600 canines during an average Monday at work.

For further proof that this is a dog-obsessed company, look no further than its Instagram account. Pups are featured prominently, including plenty of regrams that are so freakin' cute, you won't be able to keep a smile off your face.

Easter might not be until tomorrow, but these pets are already getting in the spirit with bunny ears, Easter baskets, and even Peep-shaped toys for the pups. We've rounded up 24 of the cutest fluffy friends on Instagram just for you—because honestly, how could we not?

No matter how long you've been with your significant other or how sure your heart feels, the very real commitment of getting legally hitched is a lot (even couples who tell you nothing changes after the wedding will admit that the can't-break-'em easily ties are nothing to joke about). And while no sure-fire test to judge a relationship exists, there is one situation that could help a lot of couples confirm that, yup, this is the person I want to be linked to forever.

Beyond the wonderfulness that comes with a pet, caring for and nurturing one can reveal a lot about a person—and specifically show off traits that you should be hunting for in a mate.

If you're talking engagement rings, you've likely already tackled a few responsibility-required moments: Who's going to drop off the rent check? Did one of you remember to pick up toilet paper? But a dog adds an entire new range of things you'll have to deal with, and the majority aren't as easy as swinging by the grocery store on your way home from work. Someone's going to need to go for a walk in crappy weather or handle a yelping puppy in the middle of the night. Watching how someone reacts to these sort of can't-ignore situations is telling about who they are, and you'll really learn how well you work together. Partner always too busy when it's time to go on a long walk in the cold? Warning bellsIt becomes super easy to see how big of a heart your partner has.

There's something about a helpless creature who's dependent on you to survive that really highlights a person's capacity for kindness. If you've always been on the receiving end of opened doors and carried bags, great, but do yourself a big favor before taking things to the next level and make sure that caring ability extends to another living thing. There's nothing like watching the person you want to commit your life to moving mountains to make sure a sweet furry little ball is content and safe. Conversely, if you find that a pet isn't being treated properly? Watch out.

A relationship sees its share of tricky, not-neat issues, but we're talking actual messy stuff here. Owning an animal involves cleaning up messes, accidents, and the like, and it's wise to know how your other half reacts. Trust: There are few things more trying than cleaning up after a pup who's not feeling well, whether that means urgently searching for carpet cleaner or washing a load of sheets somewhere around 3 A.M. Get through challenges like these together, and you'll feel equipped for whatever else life will eventually toss your way.